Judaic Designs 
Gore Studios L.L.C.

Glass Creations for Home and Commercial Use

Custom Designs
Collaboration between myself and a client/collector to custom design an art piece or set of works, can often be a great experience for us both and has resulted in some of my most satisfying work.

My commissions have included Mezuzot, Yadayim ( Torah pointers), Dreidels, Sculptural Shofars, Seder plates, Challah plates, Sushi plates, Kiddush Cups, Elijah Cups, Miriam Cups, Tzedakah Boxes, Tile Pieces, Wall Pieces, Ner Tamids, Bima Furniture, and many other items.

In each case, I work with the client or committee to identify the look, feel, and function desired, taking into consideration elements such as purpose, color, uniqueness, preferences, budgetary concerns, etc.

Triangular Serving Platters
Phosphorescent and Dicroic fused glass.
Venetian Lamps